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Peer Physical Therapy & Wellness

Dr. ​Orah Peer, PT, DPT

Peer Physical Therapy focuses on one-on-one care to help achieve your goals. I offer hands on care and personalized rehabilitation programs to ensure highest quality of care. I am passionate about this profession and I'm committed to providing high quality, individualized care for a complete return to function.

Physical Therapy ● Wellness Training ● Surgical Care ● Virtual Sessions ● Dry Needling

The Peer PT Difference

Peer Physical Therapy's core objectives are rooted in participating in and leading the latest research- and evidence-based treatments in the physical therapy world. My patients have often failed physical therapy elsewhere and become frustrated with lack of resolution. Known as the 'return to sport ACL guru,' I've treated a diverse and complex patient population where cutting-edge information is constantly helpful and applicable. Combining intuition, strong communication, and  an integrative approach, I help patients achieve their maximum potential.


Physical Therapy & Wellness Training for Any Need 

Are you:

  • In pain and tired of taking opioid medications to "mask and manage" your pain?

  • Looking to find the root cause of your pain and/or dysfunction?

  • Anxious to return to the life you love after an injury or surgery?

  • Willing to be an active participant in your care and overall health?

  • Seeking one-on-one treatment at home or in a clinical setting?


If this feels familiar, let's work on a customized treatment plan for you.

Available Anywhere You Want to Work

As a physical therapist, I offer three unique physical therapy and wellness services for my patients: in-home sessions, telehealth sessions, or in-person at boutique gym locations in Deerfield and River North.

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